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SOFREH is a 24-hour catering service, with a modern culinary approach and online ordering system, providing authentic Iranian cuisine, and packaged in the most practical form, and delivered to customers in any location and time. Customers of Sofreh are mostly food lovers who do not have the opportunity and the possibility of cooking or are looking for fresh and hot meals. At the same time, these people care about their health and nutrition, and they do not want to be fattened, they prefer healthy Iranian dishes.
The main goal of Sofreh is to provide a pleasant experience in addition to the speed and ease of the process of food delivery and delivery so that the customer, in addition to the quality of the food, by satisfying the pleasures of eating, the expansion of the modern life of his modern, Achieved. In other words, we help the customer have a healthier and livelier lifestyle.


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Enjoy the food in any situation!

We look at the food as an enjoyable experience of life.

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