Company Overview

Siahfam Company is fast becoming one of the leaders in the global export opportunities of Bitumen products using its extensive export knowledge and skills, business strength, and technical know-how. Siahfam has built a customer base on solid grounds of customer care, excellent reputation, being on time, and competitive pricing. All this has meant that Siahfam’s business plans for expansion are on target using the latest R&D and modern management skills.

Siahfam is a privately owned company specializing in prime quality Bitumen, with offices in Tehran, UAE, and Kenya.

Siahfam core values are both simple and effective. Core values are honesty, quality, value for money, loyalty, and market leadership. We value our customers as our stakeholders. We like to provide them with state of the art R&D while insisting on cost-effectiveness. Our employees are experts in their own fields of production and supply procurement. Our extensive knowledge of export helps our customers to get their orders processed on time for customer deliveries.

Siahfam core business strategy is:

  • To focus on strong R&D
  • Provision of total supply management
  • Increase production capability and product development, whilst focusing on quality.
  • Effective and lean export management procedures.
  • Be a reliable and trusted partner
  • Leveraging our high purchasing power for the customers
  • Believing in international business culture.


Project Profile

Historically access to energy has been always considered as one of the most basic human needs and also a key national economic sector that enjoys special attention of all governments as a significant factor of development.

Managing Director of Siahfam

Bitumen: a black sticky substance made from petroleum, used for making roads and covering roofs.

The Siahfam project was a hurried deadline and time-based project, and we were able to do this project in less than 2 weeks.

Siahfam corporate video

Siahfam opening video

Our team in this project

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