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Saghar Hamzehlou was born in Tehran in 1989. She graduated from Tehran Art University. Saghar has had solo shows and participated in numerous group exhibitions as well as the construction of two statues in her artistic life.

As she said:

Mélanges contrary to creatures are a biological species that prefer Anamorphosis over Morphosis. Not coming to existence, they randomly metamorphose. In fact, they stay in Francis Bacon’s figure’s explosion phase.

No longer want a solid figure they deform to remain a visual object. Formation catabolism can be seen in their behavior.

Superiority no longer matters; survival is the figure’s only obsession, not conversation but Visual Immorality, not Darwinism superiority but reverse Darwinism.

They can neither feel nor remember anything, therefore it can exist and it does. Ignorance is the key to it’s existence.

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