About Mohammad Keyvan


First Place in Shameseh Painting Festival /iran/2013
Second Place in One Day Design Competition /iran/2013
First place in Art University Drowing Workshop /iran/2011
First place in Young art/iran/2011
First Place in Young Sketchers/Iran/2011
First Place in Tehran Calligraphy Festival/Iran/2006
First Place in Group Painting Festival/Iran/2005
First Place in Teenage Painter/Iran/2002
First Place in Children Painting Competitions/Iran/2001


  1. (2018: Esotropia, IranShahr gallery, Iran, Tehran
  2. (2016): Lord said let light be, and light forgot to be, IranShahr gallery, Iran, Tehran
  3. (2013): A day of satiety, aun gallery, Iran/Tehran
  4. (2012): The disgusting smell of leisure, Aun gallery, Iran/Tehran
  5. (2012): Shab Edraki, Prague gallery, Iran/Tehran
  6. (2011): Zende Kkhooneh, Faravahar gallery, iran/tehran


And 50 group exhibitions.

Project Profile

Website as a gallery

It is important to design a standard and neat space for establishing a gallery of paintings online.

It's one-page website!

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