Company Overview

The Jahangas.Co was founded in 1971 by the co-founder Abbas Rafigh in  Iran Tehran.
From the very beginning, the intentions of the company’s executives have been on the production of high-quality products and keeping up with the new designs and technology’s and on this basis, it has always been important to us to design and manufacture the best products.
Since 1362 we have been grasping the domestic market by providing supplies and products, therefore with great success and ambition, we have also supplied the needs of the international markets.

Courage to compete

What are our key activities in front of our competitors, and what can our brand look like to be better and more systematic?What is the impact of our rivals in what areas and what excellences can we create? Internal & Client Research Customer and employee imagination research Our brand should properly represent the concept of our business, in order to create a good working environment and good supply for the audience. For this, we must define the values of work and future missions.

Time of Barbeque, Just one barbeque

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