Company Overview

Diaram is a small producer group operating in green and organic production. The group consists of graduates of management discipline and FMCG activists.


The moment that life is

This, all that youth will you give; It is the season for wine, roses, and friends drinking together, Be happy for this moment -- it is all life is
Omar Khayyam

Life is no longer time.

It's just the moment we drink tea calmly together.

An Opportunity

Iranian tea get ready late! What’s better is the good opportunity to be more together and we have to put a little bit of stress on everyday life. A little to wait for worthwhile things. The special and authentic tasting of Iranian pure tea is one of the most valuable things that are worth to wait. If we use tea for fatigue or on the pretext of being too tasty, blowing Iranian natural tea will increase this opportunity. So instead of hurrying to do our work, we will enjoy this opportunity to drink tea.

Our team in this project

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